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The Midlife Crisis is a battle you CAN win.
You can't go over it, you can't go under it...you have to go
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I have spent a decade searching for "what works:" Interviewing, researching, comparing and collecting detailed stories, experiences, data and results from thousands of people!!
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My detailed, insightful, authentic, and sometimes hilarious videos will STOP your negative, hopeless, fearful, sad feelings with the right thoughts, words to say and actions to do!

I have poured my soul into each and every minute of these fantastic 181 videos that you can use to connect to him right now! (More coming as I never stop...)

-My videos keep you calm and keep you sane.

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Join my inspiring zoom "class" where great conversations happen live! Stories, advice, struggles and how to overcome them! I talk to wives, and invite you to share, listen, ask questions or voice your thoughts or opinions! I can't wait for you to listen & join in!

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Let's talk and get a strategy that works just right for you and your husband's "crazy."

I have taken calls at weddings, parties and even a funeral, because I know what it feels like to be where you are! I am your biggest advocate and teammate. And I can't wait to get to meet you, hear your story and help you put your family back together.

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Don't know what to say? Struggle for a response to inspire him? Sign up for Texting and let ME write the response for you!! Imagine receiving a positive response from him?! That's what my texting does!! Through texting we crush his negative thoughts of you and bring him closer! Wives who do texting with me bring him home fast!

(ONLY Video Members have the option to do response texting with me!)
Texting benefits:
a) Inspire him at just the write time and moment.

b) Write amazing responses to calm his angry confusing texts.

c) Finding solutions instead of anxiety.

d) Feeling calm and peaceful when you want to vomit or quit.

181 Videos (new ones always coming)

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Survive and Thrive through this Midlife Crisis Hell!

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Dealing with a Midlife Crisis Husband is not easy....

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​​- Access to all my content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch These Videos?

ANYWHERE! On your Phone computer, TV or IPAD. I do recommend you watch as much as you can on a computer (to see where I put funny words or photos - to get you to relax and listen ❤️).

How Will These Videos Help Me Get Him Home?

One word: YES!! YES!!! (okay that's 2 words) YES!! (that's 3!!!). Bottom line, YES! I have wives join my videos, never speak to me and email me after 6 months and say, "Thank you! I loved your videos! He's home now and it's because of your videos that I learned what to do. thank you."

If I do ALL the videos will my husband come home?

Well...yah! If you do listen, stay open, keep your ego and pride far far away and do and say exactly what I suggest, you will have the HIGHEST CHANCE of bringing him home.

I have had so successes. But it's not me. It's YOU! You are the leader - you are the temperature! I've led you to water...I've built the bowl for the water, poured the water into the bowl, and then brought you right to the edge. All you have to do is drink and swallow. Tell me...what will you do?

What can I do to make this Work faster?

7 Ways:

1) Stay Coachable.

2) Be ready to listen.

3) Be ready to learn.

4) Stay full of wonder.

5) Stop hoping...stop wishing...Believe he will return!

6) LEARN everything I teach and practice...on anyone and everyone...and then HIM!

7) DO everything I teach.

Are these Videos Worth The Money?

When the average cost of a divorce is $12,900 and up? Add on the stressful disputes over child support, custody, and alimony? The "price" of divorce still may be CHEAP compared to the "cost" of divorce: Imploding your family and creating pain on every single one of you.... FOREVER.

Choosing me? Choosing to learn what I know? To gain tools you can use in your life forever...at home, with him, with your kids, with your job...? The decision is clear...don't be stupid. Choose divorce! JUST KIDDING!! (I never know if people read this stuff...just seeing if you are paying attention!!) xoxo

Do you Travel to My School or Church and Speak?

Of course! Always! As a standup comic for 22 years...I help churches and schools speaking so you can sell tickets and raise money.

Are there any FREE videos?

Yes! Plenty!! Go to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWifeExpert

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