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I have spent over 8 years researching and interviewing men & women over 65 who shared intimate details of their life with me! Regrets, Mistakes and unspoken "I'm So Sorry's..." as well as solutions that did work to get couples back together. All of what works is in my videos! Plus more! I promised God, if he helped me bring my husband home, I would work fearlessly to help you bring yours home. And like you are keeping your marriage Vow. I keep my promises too! Sign up to get my videos. Sign up for a year. You won't learn enough in a month. (Being a member on my videos gives you access to talk or text with me direct!). I don't want you on here forever. Let's get this done! NOW! What I teach works. Period.

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This whole MLC thing SUCKS. These videos are exactly what you are looking for. Try it. Let's bring him home!

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