Let's Bring Him Home!

He says, "I'm lost..."

He says:
"I love you, but I'm not in love with you..."

"I don't know how I feel..."
"I'm confused..."
"I'm not happy..."

"I need to live for myself right now..."

"You'll be fine...the kids will be fine..."

"You'll meet someone better..."

"Just give me time and space to be alone & think..."

After 15+ Years of Marriage
You stare, mouth dropped wide open,

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I Have Been there...
and I Promise...

No more Tears!

No more Therapy!

No more scouring the internet for Answers!

You Will Learn:
-What to DO!
-What words to SAY!

-What phrases NOT to Say!
-How to SURVIVE and THRIVE during this living hell until he returns.

I went though his MLC in 2013 & 2014.

My husband came back and YES! It IS worth it!

Come Join my Wonderful Community with Amazing women (and men), going through the same thing!
You will love it! ❤️❤️

Why Work With Me?

No one will work harder for you.


It's my goal & my passion to help you bring your husband home to you and your family... so you will be together for generations!

I walk with you...right beside you...in your back pocket...

Laurie McDermott


Life is short...don't waste it worrying what he's going to do and when...YOU make the commitment and keep going straight! I'm here to help you! Let's go!

Laurie McDermott

I'm right here! USE me!

Laurie McDermott

<p>Laurie McDermott</p>, <p>TheWifeExpert.com</p>
<p>Laurie McDermott </p>, <br/>
<p>Laurie McDermott</p>, <br/>

187 Inspiring Videos!

Exact tiny details of what to do, how to do it, what to say, how to stand, how to use your voice and how to grow confident

& love yourself while doing it!
All while helping you navigate this hell of his Midlife Crisis!

(Or HERS - I work with husbands too!
Cause women go through this too!)

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All My Secrets...

I have spent a decade researching this Midlife Crisis "thing".

Interviewing, researching, comparing and collecting personal stories, experiences, data and "What Works & What Doesn't Work" results from thousands of husbands and wives!!

Then I put all of my tested and true research into this Insanely valuable video bonanza, packed with tips, advice and help...right here for you!

Below is a Sample of what's inside...

(and EVERYONE Raves about them!)

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187 Videos

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Survive and Thrive through this Midlife Crisis Hell!

Detailed Advice & Help to keep married families together!

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Dealing with a Midlife Crisis Husband or Wife is HARD.

This is school! This takes time!

I say "Do a YEAR!!"

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  • Access to ALL Videos!

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  • ​​Access to ALL Videos!

  • "Community" to Private Support/Chat Group where you can Post Personal Questions and/or Post Comments to others!

  • Discount Rates to Call or Text My Personal Cell Phone!

  • Texting Options!

  • Burner Availability!

  • Invitation to Adventure Trips!

  • Zoom Classes!! (Amazing Connections!)

  • Average wife working closely with me brings husband home in 18 months!

  • Average Husband working closely with me brings wife home in 12 months!

  • Make the commitment!

  • Let's Go!

Questions Answered...

Where Can I Watch These Videos?

ANYWHERE! On your Phone computer, TV or IPAD. I do recommend you watch as much as you can on a computer (to see where I put funny words or photos - to get you to relax and listen ❤️).

How Will These Videos Help Me Get Him Home?

One word: YES!! YES!!! (okay that's 2 words) YES!! (that's 3!!!). Bottom line, YES! I have wives join my videos, never speak to me and email me after 6 months and say, "Thank you! I loved your videos! He's home now and it's because of your videos that I learned what to do. thank you."

If I do ALL the videos will my husband come home?

Well...yah! If you do listen, stay open, keep your ego and pride far far away and do and say exactly what I suggest, you will have the HIGHEST CHANCE of bringing him home.

I have had so successes. But it's not me. It's YOU! You are the leader - you are the temperature! I've led you to water...I've built the bowl for the water, poured the water into the bowl, and then brought you right to the edge. All you have to do is drink and swallow. Tell me...what will you do?

What can I do to make this Work faster?

7 Ways:

1) Stay Coachable.

2) Be ready to listen.

3) Be ready to learn.

4) Stay full of wonder.

5) Stop hoping...stop wishing...Believe he will return!

6) LEARN everything I teach and practice...on anyone and everyone...and then HIM!

7) DO everything I teach.

Are these Videos Worth The Money?

When the average cost of a divorce is $12,900 and up? Add on the stressful disputes over child support, custody, and alimony? The "price" of divorce still may be CHEAP compared to the "cost" of divorce: Imploding your family and creating pain on every single one of you.... FOREVER.

Choosing me? Choosing to learn what I know? To gain tools you can use in your life forever...at home, with him, with your kids, with your job...? The decision is clear...don't be stupid. Choose divorce! JUST KIDDING!! (I never know if people read this stuff...just seeing if you are paying attention!!) xoxo

Do you Travel to My School or Church and Speak?

Of course! Always! As a standup comic for 22 years...I help churches and schools speaking so you can sell tickets and raise money.

Are there any FREE videos?

Yes! Plenty!! Go to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWifeExpert

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